How to clean your fridge

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A clean fridge is more efficient and safer – and while you are doing a spring-clean, toss out all those jars and bottles that are out-of-date.

– Every week, remove the contents of the fridge and wash the glass shelves in the dishwasher or by hand in the sink with hot soapy water and a half a lemon.

– Make sure that your dishwasher is completely empty before you wash shelves in it as they need a lot of space. Anchor them well so they can’t break. (Always wait until the glass shelves come to room temperature before you subject them to the heat of the dishwasher water or they may crack.)

– Do the same with the plastic containers on the fridge door and the vegetable storage boxes. If you clean them in the dishwasher, wait until they are cool before you place them back in the fridge so you don’t bring down the temperature.

– Discard any out-of-date bottles and dump perishable sauces that have been open longer than 3 days. Use up any food that is about to go out-of-date.

– Clean the lids and sides of jars to remove spills before placing them back on clean shelves. Line them up so that the tall bottles are at the back with shorter ones in front so you have full visibility (make sure to leave room between the back of the fridge and the jars for air to circulate).

– Place fruit and vegetables in separate plastic bags and place them in the clean vegetable containers. Discard any vegetables that are about to go off or use them to make vegetable stock, soup or vegetarian frittata (you can freeze the stock or soup).

– Wipe the fridge doors and sides of the fridge, including the rubber seal surround with hot soapy water or an odourless kitchen-safe disinfectant spray.

How to reduce odours in the fridge
Store a used teabag in your fridge to reduce odours or place an open container of baking soda on the bottom shelf to soak up smells.

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