How Many Calories are there in Christmas Dinner?

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Christmas can be a difficult time for people who are watching calories – here are some tips to avoid putting on extra pounds during the festive season  whether you’re eating the buffet food at a Christmas party or counting the calories on your Christmas dinner plate.

– Avoid the food at buffets such as mini-quiches and sausage rolls – they are very fattening and often loaded with saturated fats.

– Eat dinner before you go to the party or fill up at home on healthy food such as a banana-based smoothie which will make you feel full.

– Drink lots of water before you leave the house or at the party – you will find it harder to drink fizzy drinks like champagne or sparkling wine or beer afterwards.

– If you do have to eat the food at a party avoid anything with mayonnaise, anything fried or anything with puff pastry. Instead eat chicken or salads and fill your plate with good things. Don’t return to the buffet table (that’s the real killer!).

– If you are eating at a restaurant skip either a starter or dessert or just have a main course – pick something light like a Caesar salad with chicken or fish instead of the full Christmas turkey dinner and avoid chips, deep-fried starters like chicken wings (the skin on the chicken wings is the real trouble, one portion can be up to a 1,000 calories) and count how many glasses of wine you have because they are full of calories too. Drink a glass of water in between every glass of wine.

Calorie count for Christmas Dinner

Turkey white meat 150g = 220 calories

Turkey, dark meat – 150g = 260 calories

Roast potatoes – 200g = 280 calories

Christmas pudding – 90g = 240 calories

Values are approximate



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