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The ‘product’ of a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Spring Oven is a terracotta baking pot that simulates the conditions of a baker’s oven in your home oven so you can create bakery quality bread with a good rise and a crunchy crust. A gift that the sourdough baker in your life will appreciate.

The Spring Oven resembles a tagine and works partly on the same principle – you bake for the first 15 minutes with the conical lid in place so the steam circulates inside, then remove the lid to get a golden brown crust on the bread. It has a channel inside the base dish – like a moat in a castle – where you pour water so that it self-steams the bread as it is baking. This is what gives you a professional crust and the exceptional heat conduction of the terracotta helps the bread to rise.

We haven’t tried it ourselves but you can see a video below that gives a good idea of how it works.

The Spring Onion is British-made, costs about €95 (£84 sterling) for an unglazed spring oven or about €120 (£106 sterling) for a glazed version with a white ceramic insert. Delivery to the UK, NI and Ireland is about €11 (£9.50).

The Spring Oven website is here.

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