Christmas Gifts | Self-Cooling Pet Bowl

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Pets are as much part of the family as any human – give them the treat of cool clean water this Christmas with this award-winning self-cooling pet bowl from the Happy Pet Project.

Anyone with a dog or cat knows that the water in their bowl can go stale quickly. Keeping the water cool helps to keep it fresh and reduce bacterial growth according to the Happy Pet Project from the Finnish design lab Magisso who won a European Product Design Award in 2017 for their hand-made pet bowls.

To activate the naturally-cooling function of the Happy Pet Project water bowl, you soak the bowl in water for one minute to activate the naturally cooling effect. It provides your pet with water that is clean, cold and fresh. The bowl will stay cool for hours. Their designers have also solved the problem of pets who suffer digestion problems and who eat too fast by inventing a cubist-shaped pet bowl with a heavy base to stop it slipping – the 3D shape inside the bowl makes your pet work harder to eat and slows it down.

Bowls start at €15 for a cubist pet bowl while the self-cooling bowls start from €25 – they have bowls for pets of all sizes.

The Happy Pet Project online shop can be found here. Shipping costs are €15 for orders under €60 with free shipping over €60.

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