Christmas Gifts | Porta Bottiglia Bicycle Bottle Rack

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We love the idea of this removeable sustainable Italian-made bicycle bottle rack from 24Bottles – pop any bottle from 330ml to 750ml in it, or buy a re-usable stainless steel bottle with a flip-open straw from the same designer and speed off! You’ll always have water or an energy drink on the road within easy reach when you need to rehydrate.

The Porta Bottiglia bottle rack (€18.90 plus P&P) attaches to your bike frame with velcro straps. It’s flexible enough to hold bottles from 330ml to 750ml (that’s the size of an energy drink right up to a bottle of non-alcoholic wine or a bottle of Fanta!). Made from regenerated cotton with soft leatherette details it’s a hands-free way of transporting your source of rehydration.

24Bottles, the company who make the Porta Bottiglia, also make a range of stainless steel bottles including the Urban bottle (pictured above), with a flip-open straw, a one-twist open feature and a leak-proof lid. Every time you use the stainless steel re-usable bottle you save 80 grammes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere compared to using a plastic bottle.

BUY the Porte Botiglia here.
BUY the Agile Urban Bottle here.


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