Christmas Gifts | Pan 999 Pure Silver Pan and Sugar Tongs

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You may need to inhale deeply when we tell you the cost of this Italian pure silver cooking pan but that doesn’t mean you won’t want one. San Lorenzo, the Italian company who create them (in collaboration with designer Tobia Scarpa, an award-winning post-modern architect and designer), are the only silversmiths in the world producing objects for practical use in pure silver. Their products are permanently part of collections in the most important European and American museums. We can safely say that this pan is one of the few collectors’ items that you can use every day that is also destined to become a culinary heirloom, the one everyone fights over when you are long gone. Could we give it a finer compliment?

Designed by Tobia Scarpa for San Lorenzo, the Pan 999 (the one in our photograph above is 30cm wide by 6cm high) weighs in at 1700g, offers exceptional and even heat conduction without wasting energy, cooks food quickly, has no hotspots so it’s perfect for searing meat evenly and stops oils burning. And it’s dishwasher proof. What’s not to love? Perhaps the price which comes in at under €1200 but this is a high-end collectible as well as being a serviceable cooking pan that will last a lifetime (and probably the lifetime of whoever you bequeath it to). It’s possible that it’s one of the few cooking utensils in the world that you could actually sell at auction along with your paintings and after a lifetime of use. Recycling at its finest.

Pan 999 Pure Silver Pan – just under €1200/$1,375| You can buy it at the Wallpaper store here.
Price: Just under €1200/$1,375|Plus post and packing.

The San Lorenzo Silver Sugar Scoop

If the solid silver pan is too rich for your blood, take a look at the silver sugar scoop, designed in 1997 by Afra and Tobia Scarpa. It’s so cleverly designed that it is cut from one sheet of highly polished sterling silver.

Price: Approx €170/$192 | Plus post and packing.

Buy it at the Wallpaper Store.

Read more about the work of the designers Afra and Tobia Scarpa here.

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