Christmas Gifts | Make Your Own Mexican Christmas Tablecloth!

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These fun, kitsch colourful waxed tablecloths and vibrant Christmassy sequinned table decorations come from French online retailer Tienda Esquipulas who import them directly from Mexico.

Tienda Esquipulas imports oil cloth directly from Mexico so you can buy a length that fits your table exactly. The waxed cloth comes in 40 different patterns in all colours, some like our photograph above with Christmas themes that you can keep especially for the festive season, others with year-round floral bouquets in sunshiny primary colours, confetti dots for children’s parties and even a chilli-patterned oil cloth, just the thing for tequila-themed parties! Sold by the meter in 120cm wide lengths, the waxed cloth is a heavy quality, durable, wipeable, child-friendly and can be used inside or outside. You’ll find them here – they cost €7-8 per 100 × 120 cm length.

The Christmas Santa Table decorations (€18.00 plus p&p) are hand-embroidered with sequins and provide a vibrant festive splash of colour. Use them every year and if your tree is large enough, you can also thread them and turn them into tree decorations.

Tienda Esquipulas also sell Frida Kahlo-themed shopping bags (€16.00), plastic Frida Kahlo plates for €5.00 (for your Mexican-themed party) ; recycled plastic shopping bags (€19.00) and Guatemalan hand-dipped artisan candles.

Buy online here at – the site is in French so if your French isn’t that good, you may need to use Google translate (just pop the domain name in the box and click Translate).


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