Christmas Gifts | Fleur de Soleil Cherry Blossom Tablecloth

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Covering a kitchen or dining table with a coated cotton tablecloth (also called oil cloth) is a creative way of changing up the design of your kitchen or dining room and a good way of recovering a solid table that needs a bit of love. With just the swish of a tablecloth your chipped and stained table can look new and hygenic again or can be transformed in time for those guests to arrive for dinner.

As committed francophiles we have grown attached to these Fleur de Soleil tablecloths which are made in the Vosges region of France and are waterproof and anti-stain proof. They come in a square or rectangle shape in a range of sizes and can be hemmed or unhemmed so you can trim them to size if you wish. (This Japanese cherry blossom design – see our image – particularly appeals. It’s a way of keeping the Autumn cherry blossoms you see lining the streets of Dublin alive in your home all year.)

All the Fleur de Soleil range of coated cotton tablecloths are suitable for families, not just because they are wipe-clean but they are made without any toxic products and are PVC-free and Phtalate-free.

Price | €55 for a square tablecloth measuring 160cm x 160cm unhemmed, it’s €62.51 if you want it hemmed. Delivery for a tablecloth to Ireland is about €7.68. Buy here at the Fleur de Soleil website

Buy this Japanese Cherry Blossom tablecloth for delivery in the UK from | Price £49.99 sterling for a square measuring 160cm x 160cm, unhemmed, plus delivery.

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