Christmas Gifts | Dutch Deluxes Black Cord and Pied de Poule Apron

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Dutch Deluxes create the most wonderful handmade aprons, each beautifully gift-wrapped. They tick every box on our list for a desirable apron: they are comfortable, machine-washable at 40 degrees, durable and reversible so you can do a quick change if the doorbells rings when you’ve just been bubbling a tomato sauce on the hob! And they don’t make you look like a sack of potatoes.

If you are stuck for a present for a home cook and have decided that the latest Nigella/Jamie/Gordon offering this Christmas is a cookbook too far, then why not send them a hand-crafted apron that they will get years of joy from?

We discovered these Dutch Deluxes aprons at the Maison-Objet show in Paris where the most creative homeware and cookware brands gather every year to show the products that are coming into stores (it would take you a week to visit every stand – if you ever go, wear a pair of runners that are a size too large and two pairs of thick socks).

They sell aprons made of corduroy, leather aprons with zips, aprons with suspenders that wrap comfortably around your back, and extra long aprons for the taller person in your life.

The apron in our picture is the Black Cord and Pied de Poule apron. Price | €74.99 plus €5.99 delivery to Ireland from – Price | €74.99 plus €5.99 delivery to Ireland.

See the full range here at website – they don’t sell direct but the site above sells some of their aprons and delivers to Europe.

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