How to use up leftover liqueurs in cooking

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Have you leftover liqueurs taking up space in your kitchen cupboards or drink cabinets? Don’t throw them out: cook with them instead.

– Use a little of any sweet liqueur (Bailey’s, Grand Marnier, Cointreau) to soak dessert sponges before you layer them with fruit and mascarpone or freshly whipped cream. Add in custard and you have a trifle.

– Sprinkle sugar over red summer fruits like strawberries or raspberries and leave to macerate for 20 minutes. Just before serving, pour over cream liqueur and add a dollop of ice cream.

– FLAVOURED COFFEE: Add a splash of liqueur to a strong coffee before pouring a layer of whipped cream onto the coffee over a spoon.

– MAKE AFFOGATO: Pour a cup of hot espresso coffee over vanilla icecream, then pour on a little chocolate, brandy or coffee liqueur.

– SWISS PANCAKES: If you have Kirsch, make pancakes, sprinkle with sugar and pour on a little Kirsch, then flame them (carefully!).

– ADD DEPTH AND RICHNESS TO BEEF STEWS: Brandy is excellent in beef-based stews. Fry the meat and set aside. Sweat onions until soft and reduced, add a little sugar and stir, cook until brown and caramelised, then add a spoon of brandy and stir again. Reintroduce the beef to the pan and add stock, some tarragon leaves and a splash of red wine. Cook until the meat is soft, adding more stock if necessary. Take out some of the sauce and add a little cream. Pour back into the stew and stir. Serve with plain rice.

– Add a teaspoon of brandy to tomato or onion soups. Make sure to cook it through before serving.

– Pour any liqueur over ice cream for a quick solution for a dinner party dessert, use it as a flavouring in cheesecake, drizzle it into the middle of a molten chocolate brownie, just after you’ve cut into it or add it to Brown Bread Icecream when you are making it.

– Use cream liqueurs within 6 months of opening the bottle as these are a milk-based product.



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