Strawberry, blueberry and oat smoothie pots


Make up a jug of this berry smoothie, decant into clean jam jars or bottles, screw on the lids and keep in the fridge for breakfast. It will keep for 3-4 days if you use freshly-opened yogurt or kefir. You can also serve it as a healthy dessert – in that case omit the milk and oats and garnish with fresh mint leaves.

Makes 2  


8 strawberries, hulled and halved
100g blueberries
1 banana, peeled and sliced roughly
200ml plain probiotic yoghurt or milk kefir
100ml milk (or more to thin it out to your taste)
2 tablespoons granola or porridge oats
4 fresh mint or basil leaves


1. Blend everything together until smooth, adding more milk if needed to loosen it.


Recipe note

When you buy posh smoothies in glass bottles, take the bottles and lids home, fill with your own smoothies or juices and store them in the fridge to drink for breakfast or take to work – it will save you a fortune and the glass bottle often makes up a high proportion of the cost of the purchased smoothie.


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