How to use a Moka coffee pot

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You don’t need an all-singing-and-dancing-coffee machine to make exceptional coffee. A simple moka stove-top coffee pot will do the job. You’ll find them in good kitchen shops and in middle-eastern stores.

How to use a moka coffee pot

– Almost fill the pot with boiling water leaving about 2 inches free from the top. Spoon coffee into the sieve filter making sure that you don’t pack it too tightly.

– Put the moka coffee pot over high heat on the cooker top. Once the water boils, you will hear the steam being forced through the coffee (that’s why you don’t press the coffee in too tightly). Shortly you will hear the coffee bubbling up through the valve into the top of the coffee pot. Turn the heat down so you don’t burn the coffee, making sure to regulate it so that the water keeps boiling and pushing the coffee up through the valve into the upper pot. Be careful if you open the lid to take a look – stand back to make sure it doesn’t bubble out.

– Once the upper pot is full, remove the pot carefully from the stove and pour.

What coffee do I use in a moka coffee machine?
The best coffee to use in a moka machine is espresso though you can also use turkish coffee.

How to clean a moka coffee pot
Never use detergents or the coffee will taste soapy next time – just use boiling water to rinse it out.

Where to buy a moka coffee pot
We like the Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Maker: we bought ours on special offer at a discount supermarket where you find them from time to time. You can also buy them online, at Amazon and at good kitchen shops. They are a bit addictive, when you buy one, you buy two!

Make Great Coffee with a Moka Pot

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