Beetroot and banana smoothie

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We drink this vitamin and nutrient-lacked smoothie instead of eating lunch some days – if you can find kefir in the Eastern European shops (they sell it in a carton in the chilled compartment) use it instead of yoghurt as it is packed full of good probiotics and, along with the beetroot, banana and nuts, will help to create healthy gut bacteria.


1 medium or 2 small whole beetroot, cooked but not peeled, ends trimmed
1 banana, peeled and cut roughly into chunks
3 dried apricots
300ml plain yoghurt or milk kefir
4 walnuts or Brazil nuts or 1 tablespoon mixed seeds
One apple, cored and cut into small chunks


1.  Place everything in a blender or nutribullet and whizz until smooth. Thin out with cold water as required.

To serve this as a healthy dessert, add a 1 inch piece of ginger which you have finely chopped when you are blending the smoothie. Don’t add water and instead fold a couple of tablespoons of the thick smoothie through plain Greek yoghurt (the colour is amazing) and top with shavings of 70% chocolate.


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