Tips for whisking egg whites

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You need whisked egg whites for all kinds of recipes from egg white omelettes to meringues to toppings for cakes.

– To get egg whites to whip up to their full fluffiness, you need to make sure the bowl and whisk are scrupulously clean and have no greasy residue on them. Running the bowl and whisk through the dishwasher is not enough. Use a piece of paper towel dipped in vinegar or lemon juice to clean both and you can be sure that they are free from grease.

– The eggs should be brought to room temperature before whisking. If the egg white is too cold, it will not whip up to its natural fullness. Some pastry chefs suggest leaving egg whites out of the fridge overnight in a cool place before using.

– When you separate the egg whites, it is critical that you don’t allow any yolk to taint the egg white. If it does, use the egg for another purpose and start again. It’s a good idea to seperate each egg on its own so that if you damage one egg white with yolk, the other egg whites are still OK to use.


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