Poached figs with honey and ginger syrup and mascarpone

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Figs and cheese are a match made in heaven. Make this ahead and assemble just before serving.

Serves 2-4


4 fresh figs
2 tablespoons of honey
1 piece of crystallized ginger, cut into small slivers
4 tablespoons of white wine or water
1 tub of mascarpone or ricotta


1. Poach the figs in the honey, ginger and wine/water until cooked through and soft but still firm. Remove the figs and boil the mixture until you have a thick but runny syrup.

2. Cut each of the figs into half or quarters. Arrange on a plate with a dollop of mascarpone or ricotta, and drizzle over the honey and ginger syrup.

Recipe variations

Replace the white wine with elderflower syrup or gin or ginger beer.


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