Nut Brittle


Brittle is hardened sugar and it’s a cinch to make. Crack it into shards (it makes a very appealing noise) to add texture to desserts or just bite into a piece with an espresso after dinner.

100g caster sugar
100g nuts (walnuts, pine nuts, peanuts, pistachios or hazelnuts)


1. Line a baking tray with parchment paper or with a non-stick silicone sheet. Melt the sugar in a frying pan (don’t add water) and, over a low to medium heat, let the sugar melt and caramelise without stirring it. Swish the pan to distribute the melting sugar so it browns evenly.

2. When it is a mid-tone-brown-caramel colour, add the nuts and remove from the heat. Shake the pan gently, then pour the caramel onto the sheet carefully. Tilt the baking tray to make sure it coats evenly. Leave to cool and it will become brittle. Crack it into pieces or shards and place in a jar or bowl ready to use. It will last a few days in a covered container in a cool place.

How to serve brittle:
Serve nut brittle with ice cream, break it into little pieces and add it to yogurt before you freeze it to add texture or serve it with roast figs and sweetened mascarpone (the crunch is delightful with the soft figs). If you are not worried about the state of your teeth, you can also just suck on a piece when you need something sweet to eat.


Recipe Note: Be careful handling molten sugar.


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