Irish Bread and Butter Pudding

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We ate this as children all the time. If you want the true Irish experience, don’t be tempted to refine it – forget about using brioche or good bread, you need to use leftover sliced white bread and gritty granulated sugar!

Serves 4


8 slices white bread
75g butter, softened
50g sultanas
Ground nutmeg or cinnamon
2 eggs
450ml milk (or half milk and cream)
50g granulated sugar


1. Remove the crusts from the bread. Butter each slice on one side only and cut into triangles.

2. Use the rest of the butter to grease an ovenproof dish. Cover the base of the dish with one layer of bread triangles keeping the buttered side down.

3. Sprinkle some of the sultanas on the bread along with a dusting of nutmeg or cinnamon.

4. Repeat with another layer of bread, sultanas and spice, finishing with a layer of bread with the buttered side up.

5. Beat the eggs with the milk and sugar and pour over the bread layers. Let it sit for an hour in the fridge so that the bread soaks up the liquid. Bake at 180C/ 350F/ Gas 4 for about half an hour or until golden and puffy. Eat on its own or with warm custard or a drizzle of caramel (a modern touch), straight from the oven.



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