How to make Salt Caramel with Butter and Cream

How to make Salt Caramel with Butter and Cream
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Salt caramel is fashionable with dessert chefs and bakers at the moment. In fact it’s simple to make: all you do is add a pinch of salt when you are making caramel at home. Here’s the recipe and method. Make a jar and keep it in the fridge for up to a week.


100g light brown sugar
100g butter
140ml single cream
A pinch of sea salt (make sure it is fine, not in large crystals)


1. Add the first three ingredients to a non-stick saucepan and melt over gentle heat until it smooth.

2. Add a little salt, taste and add more if you need to. You will probably need less than a half a spoon for this quantity but it will depend on how fine your sea salt is. Some sea salt is more assertive depending on the shape of the crystals and where it is harvested and you will need to use less.

Recipe Note

– Serve warm salt caramel over ice-cold ice cream, drizzle it over fried bananas and serve with Greek yogurt sprinkled with crushed walnuts, use it as an impromptu icing for a traybake or fairy cakes or spoon over hot puddings.

– You can also call this Butterscotch Sauce with Sea Salt!

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