Curated Video | 20 Genius Baking Hacks

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We love this baking tip video, from how to make an easy marshmallow topping for cupcakes to softening brown sugar to how to make a cupcake in a jar!

Salt is a key ingredient for flavour especially when you are making a sweet dessert or cake. It balances the sugar.

Butter or oil, flour and line your tins to stop them sticking. The butter or oil will keep the parchment or baking paper in position on the tin.

Use cake liners – they are parchment die-cuts designed to fit your tin. That saves you cutting out parchment paper to shape at the last minute.

Buy an electric hand mixer – they make life so easy, especially if you want to turn out a quick all-in-one cake like our Victoria Sponge.

If the recipe requires it make sure your butter is at room temperature. Room temperature butter is where you can press the butter with a clean finger and leave an indent. If it’s at the right temperature your cake batter will be perfect. If it’s too cold you’ll find damp oily spots in the cake.

If you are using a stand mixer use the flat beater not the whisk to beat cake batters. Whisks are to inject air into egg whites, you don’t want too much air in a cake mixture.

Weigh the ingredients in advance and if you are doing that ahead of time, place the dry ingredients like flour and sugar into freezer bags. We use the Tanita Kitchen Weighing Scales – it’s light, accurate, weighs in 1g increments (not all of them do) and we can store it sideways on a kitchen shelf so it doesn’t take up much room.

Never add the baking powder or self-raising flour which contains raising agent to the liquid part of the recipe in advance. As soon as you add a raising agent it starts working so do it as near as possible to the time you bake. (The exception is a madeleine mixture which you can make a day ahead – the ‘bump’ on the madeleine comes from leaving the batter to rise overnight.)

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