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Tips to make your shortcrust pastry flakier

Ask the question: ‘How do I make a flaky shortcrust pastry?’ and you’ll get a dozen different answers. So we’ve gathered some of the latest thinking on how to deliver a flaky pastry. We’ve also included a YouTube video from Kaiser Culinary University which shows the method to make pastry in case you need a reminder or are new to pastry making.


How to make French Financier Cakes

Financiers are delicate little cakes using egg whites to give them a light texture. Chef Toni Lynn Dickinson, Senior Coordinator of the Pastry Arts at The International Culinary Centre in New York, takes you step-by-step in making and baking financiers.


VIDEO: How to seperate an egg

WITH VIDEO: There are a few ways to separate an egg but our favourite by far comes from Greg at Greg’s Kitchen (hasn’t he got great energy?). You’ll need an empty plastic water bottle (and an egg of course).

HOW TO COOK Cooking Tip | How to Mellow the Taste of Raw Onions

Cooking Tip | How to Mellow the Taste of Raw Onions

Do you ever find that the onions you use in a raw recipe taste too strong: here’s a tip from Rick Bayless, the US chef, to mellow the flavour of raw onions so they don’t overpower a salsa or salad. + A curated video that shows why onions make you cry and what to do to avoid it.

HOW TO COOK How to prepare tamarind

How to prepare Tamarind

Tamarind usually comes in a sticky block which you have to reconstitute in water or as a paste which you usually find in a jar and which can be used immediately.

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