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HOW TO COOK how to spatchcock a chicken

How to spatchcock a chicken

Spatchcocking, or butterflying is a technique used for poulty and game where you split the backbone of a bird and flatten it out before cooking, so that all parts of the bird cook at the same time. It makes the bird quicker to cook and lends itself to marinading.

BAKING Chocolate Frosting

Video: Chocolate cake frosting

Melissa Clark makes the most devilish of devil’s food cakes by using two types of frosting: black pepper buttercream and chocolate fudge. Video by the New York Times.


Video: Top Food Critics Tell All!

Rick Berke, a senior editor at The New York Times, speaks with restaurant critics including Ruth Reichl and Frank Bruni about various disguises worn to conceal their identity while reviewing.


Video: Why do honey bees love hexagons?

Honeybees are some of nature’s finest mathematicians. Not only can they calculate angles and comprehend the roundness of the earth, these smart insects build and live in one of the most mathematically efficient architectural designs around: the beehive. Zack Patterson and Andy Peterson delve into the very smart geometry behind the honeybee’s home.


Video: The chemistry of baking cookies

Stephanie Warren explains, using basic chemistry principles, how dough spreads out, at what temperature we can kill salmonella, and why that intoxicating smell wafting from your oven indicates that the cookies are ready for eating.


VIDEO: How to make ice cubes freeze faster!

Stuck for ice cubes? Did you know that boiling water freezes more quickly than cold water? While you’re waiting for your ice cubes to freeze, watch this video above showing experiments with ice from the US National Science Learning Centre.

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