Do You Need a Garlic Press?

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Garlic presses (sometimes called garlic crushers) peel the garlic and crush it for you and keep your hands clean. Here’s why they are one of your kitchen essentials when it comes to choosing what kitchen equipment earns its place in your home.

– Garlic presses allow you to mince garlic without having to peel the garlic first. The garlic clove is put into the garlic press, the lever pulled down and pressure asserted until the garlic pulp comes out through a set of fine holes. The skin is left behind and you have fine garlic pulp clinging for dear life to the head of the garlic press.

– The advantages are that it is quick, clean and easy. You don’t have to ruin a chopping board and you don’t have to peel off fiddly skin. The disadvantages are that the resulting garlic is finely minced, so it will give a stronger flavour to your dish and you have less control. On the plus side, it also means you can use less garlic.

– When you roast whole garlic cloves, press them through the garlic press. The pulp will come out and the skin will stay behind. Remove the skin before you put the next garlic clove in. You can spread the garlic ‘paté’ on brown bread.

– Clean your garlic press in the dishwasher, or with a new toothbrush kept for this purpose, if you can’t remove all the bits from the holes.



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