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VIDEOS 20 Baking Hacks Video

VIDEO: 20 Genius Baking Hacks

We love this baking tip video, from how to make an easy marshmallow topping for cupcakes to softening brown sugar to how to make a cupcake in a jar!



A middle-eastern favourite. Eat it for breakfast or a light lunch. Offer lots of flatbreads or pita bread to mop up the yolk and the sauce.

CHEF COOKING VIDEOS Stuffed Courgettes or Zucchini with Pork and Beef (Verdure Ripiene)

Stuffed Courgettes or Zucchini with Pork and Beef (Verdure Ripiene)

This is a great way of getting children to eat a vegetable: if you serve the courgette or zucchini ‘boats’ at room temperature they can even eat them with their hands. The traditional recipe below uses pork and beef but you can use one or the other. If you can find the round courgettes use those, they look very pretty on the plate or use half courgettes and peppers.

CHEF COOKING VIDEOS Beetroot Tzatziki (Vegan-friendly)

Beetroot Tzatziki (Vegan-friendly)

An adaption of the Greek tzatziki which is usually made with cucumber and yogurt. When you make it with  beetroot it turns a stunning carmine colour so it makes anything you eat it with look good. We sometimes skip the mint and use a teaspoon of toasted cumin seeds instead, and sprinkle some extra cumin seeds on top. You could do the same with toasted coriander seeds or use fresh coriander instead of mint. 

MAIN COURSES How to cook a turkey

How to Cook | A Whole Turkey

When you cook a turkey, it will always be dry in parts and juicy in others, so don’t get hung up on it – a turkey with a dry breast is down to a flaw in poultry engineering, not a failure of cooking. + VIDEO: Watch Jamie Oliver show how to carve a turkey on his Food Tube channel.

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