Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta or Bacon


Re-invent brussels sprouts by adding ham, bacon or pancetta. They are even better with a splash of sour cream or creme fraiche.


1 packet of brussels sprouts
I packet of bacon or pancetta strips, fried until golden or chopped cooked ham
Knob of butter
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 tablespoon of sour cream or creme fraiche


1. Trim the sprouts of any damaged or discoloured leaves. Cut each one in half and cook in briskly boiling salted water until they are becoming soft but still have a bit of give. It will depend on how many you are cooking as to how long it takes. Use a large saucepan so the sprouts have room to cook.

2. Drain, return to the saucepan, add the butter and melt over a gentle heat. Add the bacon or pancetta. Season to taste. Add a spoon of sour cream or creme fraiche and toss.

New ways with Brussels Sprouts

– Brussels sprouts are not only a festive vegetable. Stir-fry them with soy sauce, ginger and garlic for a quick healthy dish. Treat cooked sprouts like leftover cabbage and mash them with potatoes to make a Colcannon or form into potato cakes and fry. They can also be eaten raw: shred them finely with a sharp knife, toss with a good olive oil and lemon vinaigrette or add to a green salad for texture. Sprouts can be eaten all year round too: puree them with a splash of single cream and a grating of nutmeg for a vegetable side dish with roast ham or a pork chop.

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