HOW TO COOK How to Pureé Beetroot

How to make Beetroot Purée

Puréed beetroot looks very fancy when you smear it on a plate and yet it’s so easy to make. Flavour it to suit your own taste or to complement the other ingredients you are serving it with – see our recipe variations below.

SIDE DISHES Dutch Fried Tomatoes

Dutch Fried Tomatoes

These are delicious and fattening and addictive particularly if you have a sweet tooth. They are quite rich so you only need half a large tomato per person. They are definitely a talking point. We found a version of the recipe over 20 years ago in an old cookbook and we have been cooking them in some shape or form ever since. Eat with good bread to soak up the juices or as part of a vegetarian meal.

SIDE DISHES Roast Carrots with Maple Syrup

Carrots with Rosemary and Maple Syrup

Baby carrots look so beautiful when they are baked. You only need a few for each plate to make any dish look classy. And they are sweeter than larger, older carrots. Use Winter or Summer savory for this dish. If you can’t find it use rosemary or thyme instead.

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