SIDE DISHES Potato and Asparagus Salad (Vegan)

Potato and Asparagus Salad (Vegan-friendly)

A summer potato salad that makes the best of new potatoes. Eat them in their skins – not only do they taste better (chef Heston Blumenthal infuses the milk for his mashed potato with potato skins to add an earthy flavour) but they are full of nutrients that are too good to waste. This recipe is also vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

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Roast Sweet Potato, Spicy Chorizo and Orange Salad

This is the kind of salad that we eat when we want to be healthy but not puritan. You can eat a bowl on its own or serve it as a side dish with a piece of grilled fish (we take a few fillets of fresh plaice, dip them in seasoned flour and fry on both sides in butter or olive oil). To make an easy middle-eastern version sprinkle the sweet potato with cumin or coriander seeds before you add the olive oil. Then cook any grain – couscous, fregola or even pearl barley are good – and toss with the warm sweet potato and chorizo salad when it comes out of the oven.


Recipes from an Italian Butcher: Sautéed Radicchio

The Italian for Sautéed Radicchio is ‘Radicchio Tardivo in Padella’ – if you say it aloud it sounds impossibly romantic. The dish is just one of 150 authentic Italian recipes that you can cook at home from The Silver spoon’s book Recipes from an Italian Butcher published by Phaidon. It would make an interesting side dish to serve with roast turkey or goose this Christmas – it’s so easy to make and looks glamorous on the plate.


The Sportsman Recipe: Pot-Roast Red Cabbage

If you cook one new dish this year for Christmas dinner make it this one. It comes from chef Stephen Harris’ new book The Sportsman published by Phaidon. His restaurant of the same name was voted Best Restaurant in the UK in 2016 so you can’t go wrong!

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