JAMS + PRESERVES Rhubarb and Earl Grey jam recipe

Rhubarb and Earl Grey Quick Jam

Rhubarb makes a good jam. We make this version of rhubarb jam with the added sparkle of crystallised ginger which plays off the low hum of smokey Earl Grey tea (though you can use plain Earl Grey too).


Quick Rhubarb and Vanilla Jam

This is a very quick and easy compote to make: it keeps for a few weeks in a closed preserve or jam jar in the fridge. Spread it on bread, stir it into yogurt or serve it with any Italian semi-hard cheese from Asiago to Parmesan.

JAMS + PRESERVES How to Make Seville Marmalade

How to Make Seville Marmalade from Scratch

Seville oranges – also called bitter oranges – are used mainly for marmalade because of their high pectin content and attractive bitter flavour. You can make over 4 kilos of marmalade from just 1 kilo of Seville oranges. Even adding the cost of sugar, it is still far cheaper, not to mention more pleasurable, to make marmalade rather than buying it.


Home-Made Lemon Curd

Our recipe for home-made lemon curd is tangy and very lemony. Slather it on bread, use it to fill a Victoria Sandwich, stir it into whipped cream for dessert or just eat it with a spoon. This recipe makes one 300g pot but you can easily double or triple the recipe. It keeps for a week in the fridge in a covered bowl. Make sure to use the freshest eggs.