SAUCES, OILS, DRESSINGS + DIPS How to Make Madeira and Mustard Turkey Gravy

How to Make Madeira and Mustard Turkey Gravy

Adding a fortified wine like Madeira or sherry to the turkey juices along with some chicken stock makes a rich gravy. Use red or white wine if you don’t have either – it’s a classic turkey gravy recipe where you add stock to the turkey juices left in the pan and thicken it with flour so it can be adapted easily.

SAUCES, OILS, DRESSINGS + DIPS Cheats Cranberry Sauce

Cheat’s Cranberry Sauce

This is an old recipe from a BBC Good Food magazine which we cut out and kept. It’s foolproof. (We’ve adapted it slightly.) Make it up to a week ahead and keep it in the fridge in jars or in a bowl covered with cling film.


Chilli Jam

Make a batch of this spicy hot red pepper and chilli jam to give to friends at Christmas! It’s the same method as if you are making a fruit jam, you just need to cook it for longer and that means keeping an eye on it so it doesn’t stick.

SAUCES, OILS, DRESSINGS + DIPS How to Make a White Stock

How to Make a White Stock

White stock is the basis of many dishes. Chicken, veal or beef bones are blanched in hot water to get rid of any impurities that could cloud the stock, then simmered with vegetables and aromatics until all the flavour and goodness is extracted from the bones. A white stock differs from a brown stock where the bones are roasted first.

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