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Wines to match with Meat

It can be more difficult than you think to pair roast meat with wine: the variations from rare soft juicy meat inside to a caramelised, toasty, often burnt flavour on the crust can cause trouble on the palate. Here are some safe bets.

BREAKFAST Strawberry Blueberry smoothie recipe

Strawberry, blueberry and oat smoothie pots

Make up a jug of this berry smoothie, pour it into clean jam jars, screw on the lid and keep them in the fridge for breakfast. They will keep for 3-4 days if you use freshly opened yogurt or kefir. You can also serve it as a healthy dessert – in that case don’t add the milk and garnish with fresh mint leaves.

DRINKS How to make verjuice or verjus

How to make verjuice or verjus

Verjuice (also called verjus in French which means ‘green juice’) is unfermented grape juice and you can make it at home if you can find sour grapes according to food writer Paula Wolfert in her book The Slow Mediterranean Kitchen: Recipes for the Passionate Cook.


Beetroot and banana smoothie

We drink this vitamin and nutrient-lacked smoothie instead of eating lunch some days – if you can find kefir in the Eastern European shops (they sell it in a carton in the chilled compartment) use it instead of yoghurt as it is stuffed full of good probiotics and, along with the beetroot, banana and nuts will help to create a healthy gut.


How to choose wine glasses

The wine glass really does make a difference to your wine-tasting experience. If you enjoy wine regularly, it’s worth investing in specialist red and wine glasses.


Healthy green smoothie

Green smoothies are in vogue at the moment but they often contain too much sugar when you buy them in a shop. This version is not quite sugar-free – it contains an apple – but compared to a bought-one, it’s virginal.