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DRINKS Hibiscus and Gin Agua Fresca

Hibiscus and Gin Agua Fresca

Our go-to summer drink for hot humid days, Agua Fresca is a Mexican drink that is often made with puréed fruit. We’ve used dried Hibiscus flowers for this version. They can be found in most middle-eastern shops so they are easier to find than you think – if it’s easier use 8 hibiscus teabags instead. Make it non-alcoholic and omit the change or switch it for vodka or even Prosecco.

DRINKS How to prime a wine glass

How to prime a wine glass

The ritual of priming a wine glass, that is swirling a small amount of wine in a glass and discarding it before you fill it can help you to taste better.


How Grappa is made

Grappa is a clear distilled Italian alcoholic drink made from what is leftover after the wine-making process, that is the skins, pulp, seeds and sometimes, though not always, the stems. It is similar to the French Marc. It is a testimony to the resourcefulness of winemakers that they can turn what would otherwise be waste into something special.

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