How to Cook | How to Coddle an Egg in a Ramekin

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You can cook an egg in an egg coddler which is a little heat-proof pot that you buy with a lid (see below). If you don’t have one use a ramekin to coddle one egg, or a 3 to 4-inch ceramic quiche or tartlet dish to fit two eggs.

Serves 4

You’ll need 8 small ramekins or 4 individual dishes (see our image above) and a trivet.

20g butter
8 small eggs


1. Boil a kettle of water. Butter the ramekins or dishes. Crack the eggs against the kitchen counter or on a soft surface so they don’t break and drop them gently into the dishes (1 egg in a ramekin or 2 in a larger dish).

2. Place the ramekins/dishes in a shallow frying pan or a saucepan on a trivet or on a folded sheet of paper towel to stop the dishes cracking. Gently pour the water into the pan without splashing the eggs, making sure the water comes halfway up the ramekin. Turn the heat to high and when the water in the pan bubbles vigorously, turn it to medium, place a metal saucepan lid over the ramekins and cook the eggs until the whites firm up and the yolks film over. Carefully lift the dishes out with a tea towel or tongs. It takes about 3 minutes for an individual egg to cook and between 8-9 minutes for two. Serve with buttered toast soldiers.

What is a trivet and why do you need one?
A trivet is a metal grid that you place in the bottom of the pan when you are coddling eggs so that the ramekins don’t touch the bottom of the saucepan and crack (you also use it when you are cooking custards in a water bath to stop the delicate custard cracking).

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