Date and Cashew Bars


Make them into bars or roll into balls! The ratio is 1:1, one part dates and one part cashews so it is easy to scale the recipe. If you use 200g of dates, use 200g of cashews. Switch the nuts to brazil nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts or any other nut you like and add a teaspoon of any flavouring from vanilla to orange flower water or rose water to orange extract.


300g dates, pitted
300g cashews, lightly toasted if you wish
300g apricots


1. Put the dates in a heatproof bowl, cover with boiling water and leave to soften for 8 to 10 minutes. Drain and pat dry.  Put the dates, cashews and dried apricots in a food processor and process to a paste – they need to form a ball, otherwise the mixture will be too dry and won’t stick together.

2. Line a baking tray or dish about 1 inch deep with cling film leaving enough hanging over the edges so you can cover the tray. Spoon in the paste and flatten with a spoon. Gather the cling film across the top so it is completely covered. Chill for half an hour, remove and cut into rectangles. Wrap them individually in parchment or cling film.

Recipe variations

– Add 2 tablespoons of honey, agave, maple or golden syrup.

– To make Date and Cashew Balls, roll the paste into balls and chill on a parchment lined tray covered with cling film to firm up for 30 minutes. Store in an airtight tin.

– Add a few spoons of dessicated coconut to the mixture.

– Press some whole or crushed pistachios into the paste when it is in the tin for colour and texture.

– Add lemon or orange zest to the mixture after you process it.

This recipe has been triple-tested in the gréatfood test kitchen.


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