Tips for greasing a baking tin

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Tips to make sure that a cake releases easily from its baking tin.

– When you need to oil or grease a cake tin, you can use any type of fat from butter to olive oil, margarine to a low-fat spray or even coconut oil. Oil a piece of kitchen towel and use it to cover the base and sides of the tin for even coverage. If you can, use the same fat that you are using in the recipe.

– We often use a tin of vegetable oil spray to oil our baking tins as it makes it easy to get into every crevice. Keep a tin handy especially for baking.

– You can also use leftover butter or margarine wrappers: store them in a plastic bag in the freezer with any ‘end’ pieces of leftover butter just for this purpose.

– Dust the tin with flour after you have oiled it to give you extra protection (it stops the grease in the tin melting into the batter) and line the base with a piece of baking parchment.

When not to grease or oil a baking tin!
– When you are baking a cake that depends on egg whites as a raising agent, don’t grease the tin or the cake won’t rise (angel or chiffon cakes are good examples).
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