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BAKING Eric Lanyard Tart it Up recipe

Apricot and Pistachio Pithivier Pie

‘When I was growing up we would have a traditional galette des rois made with rich almond cream every January to celebrate the Epiphany’, says Eric Lanyard in his new book Tart it Up! published by Mitchell Beazley. ‘This is my all-year-round version, made with sweet apricots and a pistachio cream.’

BAKING How to make Suet Pastry

How to Make Suet Pastry

Suet Pastry is used for steamed savoury puddings. You can buy suet pastry that is vegetarian – please don’t use it as it is really terrible – you must use proper beef suet for this recipe which you can get from any good butcher. You may have to ask for it in advance.

BAKING Phyllo Pastry

How to prepare Filo or Phyllo Pastry

Filo pastry (also spelt ‘phyllo’) is a delicate pastry which needs to be covered while you use it so it doesn’t dry out. In other ways it is a forgiving pastry which can be layered and scrunched – it doesn’t have to be neat to look good unlike other pastry.

BAKING Pasta Frolla recipe

Pasta Frolla

Pasta Frolla is a light and tender sweet shortcrust pastry used for tarts. It is made the same way as pasta, drawing the egg mixture into the flour then kneading the pastry. It is remarkably easy and relaxing to make.

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