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Video: How to crimp pastry

A video showing you decorative crimping techniques for pastry including how to use a string of pearls to give your pie a decadent finish.

BAKING Lemon drizzle cake recipe

Lemon Drizzle Cake

A café bestseller and a classic. It’s based on the all-in-one method for a Victoria Sponge cake so it’s not only delicious but it’s one of the easiest cakes to make.


Amaretti biscuits

This is a classic recipe for soft Amaretti biscuits – they are very sweet so you’ll probably only want to eat one or two at a sitting. They keep for a few days in a tin.

BAKING shortbread pastry

Shortbread Pastry

This is a perfect crisp pastry to make shortbread biscuits or to use as a base for any sweet tart.

BAKING Butter and Lard Pastry for Savoury and Sweet Tarts

Butter and Lard Pastry for Savoury and Sweet Tarts

Lard gets a bad press because it is pork fat, but if you buy lard that is rendered from a well-reared animal rather than the commercially-produced lard that you find in the supermarket it can actually be quite good for you. (Nina Plank writes in Bon Appetit magazine that lard is ‘mostly unsaturated oleic acid’.)

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