Tips for Filling a Jam Sponge Cake

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How do you fill a sponge cake so that the filling can be seen from the outside of the cake, but doesn’t spill out down the sides? + IDEAS for cake fillings and how to freeze sponge cakes.

– When filling a sponge, spread the filling to within half an inch all round the edge of the cake. That way when you position the top of the cake and press it, the filling will ooze out perfectly without dribbling down the sides. If you want the filling (say jam and cream) to spill out lusciously, spread the jam and cream right to the edge and press gently.

Ideas for fillings for sponge cakes

– Some people like to layer the cream first, then the jam, but we do it the other way around. If you put the cream on the cake first, it can make the cake soggy, whereas layering the jam first offers a comfortable safe bed for the cream.

– Always fill the cake just before you are going to serve it. Once you fill the cake with cream, it needs to be kept in a cool place or the fridge so it’s more trouble to look after. Cover the cake with cling film until you are ready to fill it.

– Stir ricotta into whipped fresh cream, add caster sugar to taste and fill the cake with the cream for an Italian-inspired cake. Dust the top with icing sugar. Top with slices of fresh or drained tinned mango. You could also use drained tinned halved peaches which you have soaked in a few spoons of Grand Marnier or Cointreau. Dress the cake at the last minute.

– Add a few teaspoons of elderflower cordial to whipped cream and use to fill the cake. Dip clean elderflowers into icing sugar and water, leave to dry on parchment paper, and use to decorate the top. Dust the cake and the elderflowers with icing sugar.

– When you are making an opera cake or any layered sponge cake with filling, fill it right to the edge and use a sharp knife and a ruler to trim the edges neatly.

How to freeze sponge cakes

– Why not make double the sponge recipe and freeze the other sponge layers? Leave them to cool completely, wrap them well in 3 layers of cling film and one layer of tinfoil and use within a month.


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