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BAKING Neven Maguire's Loaf of White Bread Recipe

Neven Maguire | Loaf of White Bread Recipe

‘Once you have mastered this classic white loaf, the bread-making world is your oyster!’ says Neven Maguire in his cookbook ‘Neven Maguire’s Home Economics for Life’. This loaf will stay fresh in an airtight container or wrapped tightly in tin foil for up to three days or can be frozen for up to one month.

BAKING Cake Tips

How to Make Your Cake Baking Foolproof

We all have disasters when we are baking cakes – that’s how we learn to bake. There are a few tips and tricks to reduce the number of times that things go wrong from reading the recipe first (obvious but critical) to not combining metric and Imperial and cup measures. Here’s our hard-won advice.

BAKING St Patrick's Day Irish Recipes

Donegal Table: Irish Bacon and Cheese Soda Bread

‘There’s something about the smell of fresh soda bread in an Irish Donegal home and we need to keep this baking skill alive’, says chef and cookery school owner Brian McDermott in his book ‘Donegal Table‘ published by The O’Brien Press. ‘I’ve made this Irish soda bread recipe a bit more exciting with the wonderful combination of flavours that is bacon and cheese.’

BAKING Toasted Coconut and Lime Cake

Toasted Coconut and Lime Cake

From Rory O’Connell’s book ‘Cook Well, Eat Well’ published by Gill Books. ‘This is suitable for almost any occasion where a rich, delicious cake is required’, says Rory. ‘The flavours are a bull’s eye combination. I sometimes serve this cake with fresh raspberries, which is another flavour that works beautifully here

BAKING Foccacia from The Sportsman publ. by Phaidon

The Sportsman Recipe: Focaccia

It may seem strange that we make focaccia in a restaurant that highlights English food, but this bread is on the menu for sentimental reasons. Just before opening The Sportsman I visited The Walnut Tree restaurant in Wales. I was impressed by many things, but the bread board knocked me out: it has a cheese bread, black bread and this focaccia.

BAKING Coconut Madeira Cake

Coconut Madeira Cake

A simple tea-time cake which also freezes well. Serve it for dessert with our Baked Greengages with Cumin, Basil and Lime and home-made crème fraîche.

BAKING Fruity Hand Pies

Fruit Hand Pies

A hand pie is literally that, one you form by hand and one you eat in your hand! They can be as higgeldy-piggeldy as you like in shape as long as you make sure all sides are sealed so the filling stays put (though as you’ll see from our photo this is a virtual impossibility and some of the fruity juices will inevitably leak out). This makes them look even more hand-made so they will be even more of a success. Use any fruit.

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