Spicy Cheddar Cheese Rarebit

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Cheddar cheese is salty and pungent and melts the heart of any chunk of bread. Makes a quick nutritious snack or lunch dish or serve with dressed maché leaves and a glass of cold beer or white wine for a light supper.

Serves 4


200g cheddar, grated
A good splash of Tabasco or chilli oil or 1 tablespoon mustard
120ml good quality full-fat mayonnaise
4 slices of good quality thick-cut white or sourdough bread


1. Turn on the grill.

2. Mix the cheddar, Tabasco (or mustard) and mayonnaise together. Spread the mixture on the bread and pop under the grill until the cheese is bubbling and golden. It will take about 2-3 minutes but keep an eye on it.

You can make the cheese mixture the day before and have it in the fridge ready. It makes a great snack to keep you going when you get in from work and are starving or for after the pub when you get the munchies.

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