Radishes with Butter and Maldon Sea Salt

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Hardly even a recipe, more a classic combination. Plus a recipe for Celeriac butter.

Serves 4-6


2 bunches of radishes
A large knob of unsalted butter, softened
Maldon sea salt


1. Serve the radish bunches and a dish of butter with a dainty mound of sea salt on a serving plate: give everyone a knife so they can take some butter, spread it on the radish before sprinkling it with a smidgen of sea salt.

Celeriac butter recipe

We ate dinner at the Avoca restaurant in Blackrock in Dublin and, in the well-mannered gesture of an agreeable restaurant, we were given a little plate of radishes with a creamy ‘butter’ made of celeriac which was garnished with toasted Nigella seeds. If you would like to make the celeriac butter that we ate in Avoca, this is how to make something similar: cook cubes of peeled celeriac in milk until they are very soft. Drain and reserve the milk. Blend the celeriac in a blender with just enough of the cooking liquid to make the lightest creamiest pureé. Season with salt and black or white pepper. Add a good knob of butter and blend again, adding more butter if you need to – it should be rich and creamy.  Leave to cool, then chill. Before serving, sprinkle with lightly toasted Nigella seeds and serve with the radishes.


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