3 Michelin-starred chef Pedro Subijana, creates two dishes from Akelaŕe in San Sebastián, Spain. The first is a twist on the classic steak tartare, which is then placed in liquid nitrogen and blended, the second, is a selection of raw squid, tomatoes and vegetables that are cooked at the table under hot salt.


This recipe is all about the ingredients. Choose a firm apple – a Jazz or Braeburn or Granny Smith are excellent – the best blue cheese you can find and a real baguette made with nutritious flour, not a par-baked loaf from the supermarket.

APPETISERS Tortellini in Broth recipe

A chef who worked in a Michelin-starred kitchen in Tuscany showed us how to make this soup at a Tuscan cookery school. You’ll need to find tortellini but that’s easy enough now that supermarkets stock fresh pasta in the chilled section.


When they are cooked this way, courgettes are so creamy that you end up with a low-fat soup without even noticing. Give a little bowl of this to your children before dinner when they are starving and they will have eaten one of their 5-a-day before you know it

APPETISERS Spinach and Almond-Soup

One of the healthiest, lightest, loveliest and easy-to-make soups you can have in your cooking repertoire. We adapted it from a recipe we found in Colman Andrew’s ‘The Country Cooking of Ireland’.

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