Who we are and what we believe in, so you can trust the provenance of the content on gréatfood.

We don’t charge for editorial content and don’t accept paid content on editorial pages
– Any advertising or promotional content that appears on gréatfood is clearly marked so our readers understand that it is paid content.

We don’t do product placement in editorial pages
If we recommend a product, it’s because we bought it with our own money, like it and want to share it with you. We do NOT plug products on editorial pages for money (please don’t ask us to as a refusal usually offends). If you would like to run a sponsored promotion or pay for a promoted page, get in touch but the page will clearly state that it is advertising so that our readers know that it is advertorial.

gréatfood is editorially independent. Other than flagged ads (from Google usually) any links you see to third parties in the middle or at the end of an article are for the reader’s benefit so you can see the item we are writing about – we are not suggesting that you purchase items from any third party links – you will often find the item closer to home – but it is an easy way of giving you an image of the item that we are referring to. (The exception is where we include say a book from Amazon, and the only way of acquiring that link is through taking a small payment if you subsequently purchase it – feel free not to, we are including it so you can follow a link to the book, not so that we can receive a few cent. Any website that spends hundreds of thousands of euro over 12 plus years building original tested food and drink content does not need the tiny revenue stream from a few google or amazon ads. It certainly does not affect our editorial position.


We accept advertising on gréatfood because it pays for the content that our readers receive free of charge.

– We only accept advertising or promotional content that marries with our ethics on food: if we are happy to eat and drink what you advertise, we’ll run the ad (and we eat most things from a meat pie in a tin to a toasted sandwich with tinned pineapple and easy cheese slices – try it, it’s delicious especially if you spread the bread with mustard first and butter it on the outside).

– We don’t run ads for anything unsavoury either within the subject of food and drink or outside of it (see *).

– We won’t take payment for any advertising that presents unhealthy food or drink to children.

– We judge every ad or promotion on its own merits. We don’t police our readers. We believe that adults make choices everyday (including ourselves) that may not be the wisest or healthiest and that’s part of living a varied and good life. And we believe firmly that it is our reader’s choice to decide what they eat and drink.

– We reserve the right to reject any advertising at the beginning or during a campaign running on gréatfood without explanation.

– * We run appropriate categories of google ads throughout the site. While we routinely check what campaigns are running and block unacceptable ads, sometimes google is too fast for us and the ad appears before we see it and can stop it. Please contact us if you see an ad that is inappropriate for a food and drink website. We are always happy to evaluate it and remove it if we agree.

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