We are an independent food and wine media working out of Dublin, Ireland.

We believe passionately that good food should be available to everyone and that it should not be an expensive option. You only need to have access to a few potatoes, some milk and a garlic clove to make a decent dauphinoise for example and the only difference between someone who can’t make it and someone who can is a good recipe, a few simple cooking techniques and a bit of practice. And a plate of garlicky creamy dauphinoise and a dressed green salad makes a dinner.

At gréatfood we work on the basis that you probably only need 25-50 recipes in your cooking repertoire and you can eat very well. We hope you find your collection of recipes on our website.

We don’t subscribe to food snobbery or to a belief that you have to be a reader of a posh newspaper or to be a ‘foodie’ (whatever that is) to eat well.  For us, food is about life and living. We believe that it is a natural right to be able to buy good ingredients at a reasonable price, and to know how to cook so you can feed yourself (and your family) well. It doesn’t make you a bad cook if you don’t have truffle oil or the latest trendy ingredient in your cupboard.

We will be adding new content to greatfood every day – you won’t find every recipe here but you will find enough information to live a delicious life. We hope you enjoy browsing gréatfood.

Anne Kennedy is the owner and Managing Editor of gréatfood. She started gréatfood because she believes that everyone should have access to good, nutritious, delicious food and know how to cook it, no matter how little or how much money you have.

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