Tip for boiling potatoes

Donít add salt to the water when you are boiling potatoes Ė this stops them splitting. Instead drain them, and then season.

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Authentic Spaghetti Carbonara   
If you want to try the authentic, real spaghetti carbonara, this is the recipe to use.†Even better, it's a dinner you can make for just one person.

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Fettuccine with Tomato and Basil   
Classic Italian, you can cook this dish in under 20 minutes.

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Fresh Egg Pasta   
Making your own pasta is one of the most pleasant experiences you will have in your life. It has its own rhythm and there is nothing more comforting than taking four simple staples of flour, eggs, olive and salt and turning them into something you would usually buy.

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Gnocchi with Spinach and Ricotta   
There are so many classic dishes that begin with simple ingredients, in this case potatoes, eggs and flour. Gnocchi is Italy's version of the dumpling: eat it on its own tossed with olive oil or melted butter and Parmesan or Pecorino, drop them into soup or eat with our Grand Prix sauce of tomato and Parma Ham.

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Ham and Cheese Cannelloni   
You usually need two tubes of cannelloni for each person. This recipe is so delicious you may have to double the quantity. Creamy white sauce, spinach, parmesan and ricotta cheese and just a hint of nutmeg go to make a dish that can be a light lunch or a comforting dinner.

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