Tip for boiling potatoes

Donít add salt to the water when you are boiling potatoes Ė this stops them splitting. Instead drain them, and then season.

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Scrambled eggs with Parmesan and Tomato   
Cheese and tomatoes go so well with eggs. This recipe is as good for a light supper or lunch as it is for breakfast. We serve it on a slice of toasted granary - the crunch of the bread offsets the soft texture of the eggs.

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Bacon and Spinach Frittata   
A frittata is more substantial and versatile than an omelette. You can cut it into slices, eat it warm or cold, serve it as a breakfast, snack or lunch dish and even serve it with salad or fried potatoes for a more substantial repast.

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Baked eggs with mushrooms   
Baked eggs, or ouef en cocotte is a simple way of cooking this lovely natural food. Line a ramekin with cooked mushroom and ham, slip an egg in each one, top with parmesan and pop them in the oven for a short time. Easy.

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Breakfast in bed   
Breakfast in bed is usually something that you get on Mother's Day or when you're staying in a hotel. Well, why consign it to a special occasion when you could enjoy it at home? Here are some ideas.

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Breakfast Omelette   
If you can make an omelette well, you'll never go hungry. They make a delicious meal for anyone who is unwell and it sets you up for the day if you eat one at breakfast. Be adventurous and add a few tasty ingredients. We've started you off with bacon, pepper, mushroom but feel free to invent your own!

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