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When your pasta is just cooked, throw a cup of cold water into the pasta pot to bring the temperature down - it will stop your pasta from over-cooking. Drain the pasta and use immediately.

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Falafel maker

You may not think you need a falafel maker but when you have seen ours, you will! It's useful for making mini-burgers too.

A falafel maker is a great gadget for shaping falafels into just the right size for frying. We bought ours in the market in Jerusalem, and it produces neat round patties easily and quickly. It is really enjoyable to use and there is a satisfaction that comes from making things all the same shape and size, especially if you are bit messy like us.

We also use ours to make mini beef burgers for canapés or a starter and they are great for making children's burgers or miniature pea rissoles, to get children to eat vegetables. Better still is to get them to make them – then they will definitely eat them.

We found a falafel maker for sale in Australia and they do worldwide shipping. See


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